Our Passion

Solid marketing and sales resources and elevating existing programs to the next level. Putting you in control and saving you money. The right foundation for better results and more revenue so you don't have to recreate the wheel.

Our Focus

Providing resources, tools and custom work for small to medium-sized businesses in many fields including:

Professional Service Firms

Working heavily through referrals and reputation, professionals must brand their firm and mine their contacts and relationships for business. It takes just the right approach and balance.


Time is money and as a solo everything rests on your shoulders. It takes the right balance and mix of marketing strategies and tactics to increase and maintain revenue cost-effectively.

Getting visibility, referrals, branding, repeat business and elevating the artists they represent is a core marketing element for galleries. High-level resources matched with custom work only as needed saves money and yields better results.

Small Businesses and Companies

Most would love to have a marketing director or consultant on call. Now they can with the many resources and tools available so they control marketing and sales.


When you are in the start-up phase, you need marketing that is affordable and that you can control, allowing for changes on a minutes notice.

We make high-level, strategic marketing available and affordable. You need to be in control of your marketing and sales so you aren't dependant on outside agencies and groups or expensive personnel and salaries. And you need to be in control so you can know what to do, when to do it and to have the resources to tackle your marketing and sales. This enables you to pop out for that custom piece or resource only when you need it and to do it in the most cost-effective manner. No more wasted time and effort on marketing while at the same time achieving better results.


High-level, do-it-yourself.
Manage and control all of your marketing and sales with all of the advice, tools, templates, examples, strategies and tips. Your own marketing director or consultant in a box. Covering: Materials, Branding, Sales, Proposals, Getting Business, Strategy, Research, Customer Retention and so much more.  See MyFirmMarketing.com

Kickstarter13.  Custom "quick start" packages providing strategic tweaks and revisions to your marketing and sales efforts to help you generate the traction for success.

Custom. Providing specific custom additions to your marketing program or templates that you can update and control going forward. This can include strategic consulting, planning, research, branding and materials, custom templates and so much more.
YourMarketingDepartment: For many, we serve as your marketing department, providing
that extra support and implementation. Very cost-effectively and efficiently.
Fractional CMO: When you need high-level strategy on a periodic or as needed basis, we
provide the strategic expertise to help guide you to success.  On an interim basis or just as
needed for strategic check-ups, planning and special strategic initiatives.

The Extras. Additional tools and sales resources available for firms and their individuals to support and drive marketing and revenue generation. From websites that are custom, mobile ready and affordable, or apps, complex proposals, client surveys, research projects, materials, event strategies, coaching and more, we service firms and businesses in key areas when they need it.  To fit your budgets and goals.

Apps. First to provide several apps which allow for users to have marketing tips and advice at their fingertips.  Along with Marketing Follow-Up, a section to track, edit and delete your To Do's and Notes to keep you on top of marketing. Before any marketing activity or when they are on the go and want to put their best foot forward.
Visit www.MyFirmMarketingApp.com


Marketing Audit
Start here. Improve your ROI and make sure you are doing the right things. This includes: marketing assessment; review referrals process; review materials, website and existing plans; and review internal processes for marketing support. Report includes findings, analysis and recommendations.

Marketing Turnaround
Efficiency and correct processes and marketing tools can make the difference in success and bringing in business. Don't lose time, effort and resources invested. This program takes your program and systems developed to date and refines your marketing to be more efficient and effective. Laying the right foundation for you to build on without having to continue redoing marketing.

Strategy / Planning
Where are you going and how will you get there? Firms need refined goals/strategies and tactics to reach their goals. Keep momentum and focus by having plans in place that keep you on track. Take that step to add high level planning to your marketing for more on-target efforts.

Business Turnaround
When you are beginning to feel that tug of a struggle in your markets either through increased competition or aggressive new technologies that are threatening your revenue stream and growth strategies, we work aggressively with businesses to tackle those issues immediately so they can take control of the situation rather than facing unwanted surprises in reduced revenue and cutting things too close.  The time to deal with these issues for any business or firm is before you "have to."