Why Consensus Marketing
You need focused and active marketing and sales to bring in profitable work. In this economy, many companies and firms outsource marketing components or functions, providing them with the foundational aspects, strategy and branding components, without hiring expensive agencies or permanent employees. Utilizing high-level professionals who can bring best-practices and market intelligence to assist them in strategically moving their revenue forward.

A Few Examples

Marketing Analysis and Planning

Analyzed existing marketing and sales processes and messaging for a leading, custom corporate logo company.  Developed a plan with recommendations to grow company through opportunities not siezed, revising existing strategies, implementing several ideas and expanding reach.  www.csilogowear.com

Announcements and Business Cards

Designed announcement card and business cards and coordinated printing for communiko, a leading communications, strategy, PR and advocacy firm. 

Leading Communications Firm

Developed and launched web for leading communications, PR and advocacy firm.

Website with Mobile Compatibility

Developed and launched the website with mobile compatibility, business cards, letterhead and labels for a new firm. Simon Paschal focuses on employment and business law, and working as outside GC for companies. To see the site, go to www.SimonPaschal.com

Business Site with Mobile Compatibility

Quantum Building Maintenance services clients in the U.S. and Canada. Developed and launched website with mobile compatibility, and mailing pieces, marketing materials and consulted on marketing strategy and processes. Go to www.QuantumBM.com

High-Level Marketing. $27 /Month

Frustrated with too much marketing advice? Not getting results?  MyFirmMarketing. The first high-level marketing resource for professionals, with strategies, templates, forms and examples for small to medium-sized firms and solos. We do all the research and work and provide it to you in an easy to navigate system covering everything. www.MyFirmMarketing.com

Leading Accounting Firm Website and Brochure

Developed and launched new site and firm brochure for an established, leading accounting and consulting firm. Included mobile compatibility and a very affordable, but high-quality printed 4 page brochure. www.FoxByrd.com

Boutique Firm

Developed and launched the website, business cards, stationary and brochure for a new boutique firm focused on environmental law, business disputes and complex litigation and insurance issues. For more information, visit www.JEdgeLaw.com

App and Branding

Launched the first marketing and business development app for professionals. MyFirmMarketing - marketing on the go for professionals.  Before any marketing activity, review tips and suggestions and put your best foot forward. Designed app, coordinated programming, drafted and loaded over 200 tips. Coordinated process for Apple review and approval for iTunes and Google Play. Developed web, PR push and social media push. www.MyFirmMarketingApp.com

2013 Custom Focus

Rolled out Kickstarter13, a set of custom marketing service packages for small companies to tackle their immediate and strategic needs in 2013. Designed the flyer, researched prospects and launched sales contacts to introduce the various levels of custom work. This is designed to help small companies and small businesses jumpstart their marketing by honing in on what they need and bringing high-level expertise to small companies that could normally not afford that level of consulting and marketing.

Marketing For Artists/Galleries

Working with artists and galleries to bring polished, creative marketing and business development strategies, but very affordably. Strategies, planning, collateral, web, events, promotions and more. How to build referrals and increase sales. Creative. Gets noticed.

Branding / Messaging

Positioning a small firm in a large, competitive geographical market. Involved a complex analysis of capabilities, success and identifying areas of differentiation. Determined the firm could compete with larger competitors via their statistics in various industries, results and expertise. We created a "By the Numbers" theme, tying all materials, web, events, mailers and corporate identity to the statistics and results. Every piece identified a different stat or stellar result, creating a large impression and demonstrating depth, expertise and results achieved.

Reengineer Program / Marketing Systems

This was a very intensive set of projects over an extended period of time. This included rebuilding and restructuring the marketing program, implementing new firm branding, materials and web, and support for marketing. We also identified the lack of availability of good firm information and firm materials for professionals and staff.  We developed the custom tools to streamline and elevate marketing materials and data, improving firm data given to prospects/clients and saving the firm $5 million a year in annual billable time.

High-End 100th Anniversary Event

For this particular client, they needed to build brand name recognition and visibility in addition to celebrating its 100th anniversary. We opted to plan many events and branding opportunities with a unique strategy of tying key anniversary milestones with key timelines in Dallas' history. The plan included doing "100 things" for some organization each month for a year, ads featuring young employees and management as "I am 100 years old", printed brochures, mailers and a themed 100th anniversary party at an amazing venue.

Position firm regionally in area of expertise

For this particular client, it was identified that they had a unique and high level of expertise in the growing immigration area. To hone in and position the firm in a cost-effective way and to achieve greater branding traction, a strategy was developed to secure specific domains tied to key cities in the region, and through ads and mailings, drive prospects to the sites for more information on pressing issues. Coupled with seminars, joint marketing and PR, this would position the small firm as a dominant player in that area of expertise.

Referral Programs

Over time we began to see that with referral programs and efforts, our clients were not getting as much traction as they would like. We had to address gaining more referral introductions and to maximize time expended, as well as encourage more referrals and giving back to our referral sources. We developed a joint marketing strategy with several companies and firms that included a series of seminars and events to invite clients and at each event introduce a sponsors to new prospects.

Strategic Planning

Many make an attempt at planning and they can get the process started. But so many do not know how to pull all of the components together, how to integrate the interlinking parts of the various plans, timelines, tracking and maintaining momentum. For one client in particular, we handled the firm marketing plan, and updated existing product plans and moved forward with extensive action items, to do lists and tracking for deadlines and increasing results.